2016 year Resolutions

Make yourself better by reviewing 2016 year resolutions

2016 year resolutions 

2016 year resolutions

2016 Resolutions

At the end of the year, you must stop and think: What have I done and resolved in this year?

It started only the last year and this one proves to be better. So I continue to make what I find better and improve it. So, here are my 2016 year resolutions.

We went to Malaysia for the second time 

I consider this is a great achievement for me this year. We love this country and like to visit it very much.

Books I’ve read

Continuous reading has improved the quality of my life. I’ve started to read books and counting those books I read. On the average, I finish a book per month. I intend to improve it. Here is my list for this year.

1 Unlimited Power

2 Awaken The Giant Within

3 Notes From a Friend 

4 Giant Steps

5 Richest Man in Babylon

6 The Monk who sold his Ferrari

7 Think and Grow Rich

8 Mind Maps For Business

9 Rich dad, Poor dad

10 Money: Master The Game

11 The 7 Days Mental Diet

12 The Science of Getting Rich

13 The Power of Your Subconscious Mind



Started reading : The Talent Code

 This is a great book I heard Tony Robbins recommending in one of his podcasts. I downloaded it then only started reading it yesterday. On my surprise, I found it about the subject I really am curious about : Neuroplasticity and human development. The author speaks about Myelin which surrounds the axon of some nerve cells, forming an electrically insulating layer.



Audio Books

They are a beautiful way to spend your travel time and make good use of it. I found that you can get 2 free audio books from Amazon Audible by just registering and the first month for free. You can try it for yourself. It is great.

Here is my list:

4 Hours Work Week: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich 


Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel


First Amazon Book Published

New book in progress  I couldn’t believe that I can make this step. But really, reading has changed my mindset and gave me the courage and knowledge to start writing and publishing my own books.

Learn By Making

Learn By Making.jpg

New book is in progress.

Also me and my wife have started to self publish other books about travel and trips.  


A Trip To Siwa Oasis


 سافر كمحترف

travel Insider





My website

After a long time of blogging using free platforms, I’ve just made this step of building my own website, Outatime.tech I got the spirit and mindset of an entrepreuner who invests part of his time and money into a project that he believes it will succeed by hard work.

Instructables contest Renewables

Turbine One

First Makezine published

PC Fan Wind Turbine

Started Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate Marketing has long been a profitable online business. I only found out about it recently.

You can start your own affiliate marketing business from Amazon, Ebay, Banggood, BlueHost, DJI or iTunes and many other campaigns. 

I’ve wrote this list for documenting my resolutions  for helping others and for myself to keep track of my annual progress.

No doubt, when I first started this resolution list the last year I became better this year by making more and better achievements. When you make this list and compare it to the last year, you know the difference. Every achiever should have such list.

Go on and make your own.

Good Luck ……


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