Best Arduino Course on Udemy for the best price

Want to Learn Arduino online at a competitive price?   Here is the Best Arduino Course on Udemy for the best price.   Arduino in an open source hardware/software platform for learning, designing and prototyping embedded systems for both beginners and professionals. It’s the most popular platform worldwide due to its simplicity and large community support.   You […]

5 amazing uses of quadcopters for fun and work

, Of course now almost each house has a quadcopter, they have a wide variety of sizes and designs. Due to easy control and mobility, it helps engineers and researchers  to get data from out of reach areas, you may even hear about home delivery with quad copters like Amazon, and it also helps you […]

PIC 18F4550 USB Interface

Today , I will introduce a new Microcontroller chip PIC 18F4550 form Microchip. Today I ‘ll learn with you all and introduce you to PIC18F4550 Microcontroller. This chip has a USB Built-in Hardware Module. This means it can be directly connected to a standard PC USB port. Once I found out this fact and just […]

Successful step into Building my first Quadcopter

This is not a final step of my quadcopter project. It’s just a Successful step into Building my first Quadcopter.   The Challenge Couple of months ago, I tried to build a mini quadcopter with small motors (7mm coreless motor) I got those motors from Amazon and they just fit my needs to build a mini quadcopter. Then I built the frame […]


In this post, we ‘ll learn the DC motor control using PWM signal. We learned how to generate PWM signal using PIC 16F84 Microcontroller. Hardware : The PWM signal drives a 2N2222 transistor which acts as an electronic switch. The transistor switches the motor driving current on and off at high rate. In the following […]

I wish I met you in person to introduce you to Islam

I wish I meet you in person to thank you for visiting my blog and for knowing your opinion.And to get more ideas from all around the world about Microchip PIC. I also want to meet you to tell you about my religion , Islam. Yes, I am Muslim. And I am proud of being […]

PWM Mood Light using PIC 16F84

Generating PWM signal using PIC 16F84 PWM ( Pulse Width Modulation ) is a square signal involves changes in the duration of the on time ( duty cycle ) . It can be easily generated by the PIC 16F84 . This PWM signal can be used in many applications ( for example : DC motor […]

Lookup table Sine Wave Generation

Sine Wave Generation using PIC 16f84A : In this lesson, we ‘ll learn to use the PIC 16F84A to generate a sine wave signal using lookup table method . These are pre-calculated values of a certain signal ( here will be a sine wave ) , then the signal is transmitted at execution time . […]

Introduction to Interrupt

What is the Interrupt? What‘s the difference between polling and Interrupt? Let ‘s take an example when you need to know if you have a phone call , you can know this using one of two ways : 1- Go to the telephone and pickup the handset to see if you have a phone call. […]

Input to the PIC 16f84

Now that we learned how to get output form the PIC ( flashing LED ) , we ‘ll learn to input the Microcontroller by a push button . This will give you an idea to get order from the user to do an action ( open door, turn-off lights, ……… ) . ; Button.ASM;****************************************************** list […]