Building your first circuit application:

Enough simulators!! You may want to try the real circuit to see the microcontroller in action right now. I encourage you to build the circuit and feel it working. This will make you happy and will be a motivation to learn more about microcontrollers and make useful circuits. So what do you need to get […]

Let ‘s speed up the rate !!

Now that we learned to flash an LED using the PIC 16F84, we ‘ll increase the rate of information flow. We ‘ll write the same program using C language. This will be very easy as it is a popular language and it also a high-level language. Most of us used it for computer programming. That […]

Explaining Flasher Program in Detail

You may have felt that the Flasher program is difficult. But this is not true. Now, we ‘ll explain it step-by-step. Just remember, when I started learning Microcontroller programming, I started by understanding this program in detail and put on it my own comments to make me remember what each piece of code did. list […]

Run your first program on simulator

You can start to test the flasher program on thesimulator. The simulator is a program that simulatesMicrocontroller code execution and other electroniccomponent behavior. One good simulator I ‘ve tried and I recommend is Labcenter Proteus 7. You can install it and try the hardware components and software program and debug them for run-time errors and […]

This is your first program

HELLO WORLD As in PC programming world, when you learn a new language , you start with the famous“Hello World” program. This program in Microcontroller is flashing a LED. Here is the code: ;*************************************************; Flasher.asm list p=16f84 ; This is how you can comment include “” org 0x00 goto start org 0x20start bcf INTCON,7 movlw […]

Getting Started With Microcontroller Programming

Resources needed for a Quick jump-start : For the simplicity of the learning process for the beginner, I ‘ll start with the most famous Microchip PIC16F84 ( which was the first uC I learned ) You need to prepare these stuff before start programming : 1- The target IC ( the uC PIC 16F84A ) […]

Microcontroller Tutorial :

I decided to start a Microcontroller Tutorial for beginners. If you like to learn about Microcontroller programming and embedded systems , this blog may be helpful. Prerequisites: All you need to know before start programming your microcontroller is basic programming knowledge, basic electronics and Boolean Algebra ( AND , OR & NOT gates … ) […]

Embedded Software in Egypt

Embedded software is one of the fast growing markets in Egypt. There are many multinational companies have opened software development offices in Egypt. There are also many companies established by Egyptian engineers. Also, there are many students and engineers who are working independently in software development for embedded systems. I have a growing company which […]