Getting Started With Microcontroller Programming


Resources needed for a Quick jump-start :

For the simplicity of the learning process for the beginner, I ‘ll start with the most famous Microchip PIC16F84 ( which was the first uC I learned )

You need to prepare these stuff before start programming :

1- The target IC ( the uC PIC 16F84A ) and its Datasheet .

2- Programming circuit ( JDM programmer ) – you need to build it your self – or buy a Microchip PIC programmer.

3 – Loader program ( ICProg ) – you ‘ll need it if you use JDM programmer – , but if you buy a ready-made programmer , you will have the software with it.

4 – MPLab program ( to assemble ) the programs you write in Assembley .

5 – HiTec PICC ( to compile programs in C ) .

6 – Proteus 7.0 Simulator

You can get all these stuff for FREE from the Internet.

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