Here is Why you MUST Start your blog now

Here is Why you MUST Start your blog now

Here is Why you MUST Start your blog now

Do you hate your 9 to 5 job?

Hate how your boss controls you?

Do you want to start doing and making living from something you love?

Then you must start your blog right now.

Find your passion

Search for your true skill and passion. Find the stuff you like to do most and like to spend your time doing.

The fastest way to practicing your passion is by writing it. I still remember my first blog post, it was an incredible feeling to write your thoughts and show them to the world without any boundaries.

Not only to start your online business, but to practice and share your true passion with the whole world. Don’t just keep thinking of doing it. Start documenting it.

It’s NOT a good idea to quit your day job now. Yet ……….. Most successful bloggers I’ve known about have been laid off or lost their jobs. Don’t wait until you get laid from your job to start your own business. Just do it now. I had this strong idea to start my own blog. This book has completely clarified the idea in my head.

Steps to Build your website now

You have many options to start building your website immediately. There are two main options :

Option one :

The free option. I don’t recommend this one – although this is the one I’ve started with – but I don’t want you to make the same mistake I did eight years ago when I first decided to start blogging.

I’ve chosen to go on the totally FREE option. Didn’t want to pay ANYTHING. But I later realized that it was a wrong option. Time equals money. To preserve time, you need to pay. Then you can benefit later from that preserved time.


The free options include for example: Blogger, ….. and many other free blogging platform. I don’t recommend this option for you right now. Believe me. If you want to go into this seriously, sooner or later you’ll choose to go to the second option. So why don’t you choose it from the start?


Option two :

This is the option I would recommend to the 2008 myself version and recommend to you now. This is the paid option. Being paid doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be expensive. I’ve decided to buy my paid website and it would cost me $3.95/Month. When I actually bought the website it was a $2.95/Month cost. It was on Cyber Monday.

Start your website. Web hosting and domain name

I’ve chosen BlueHost for the reputation I’got from may successful bloggers. Then I got this package that included 12 months of hosting and domain name. I really recommend this this option and this company for you to start with. I also found Hostgator that offers the same price.


Content is the KING, Content Management is the Vice President

You must have something unique to tell the world. Every person is unique. So, if we could just summarize your life and actions into a single product or some products or services and show them to the world, they would be a very special and unique products.


Write your pillar articles

I found this expression from Yaro Starak who stated it very clear to me. Although I somehow felt it when I noticed some articles attracts massive traffic than others, but I didn’t know how they work.

Pillar Articles are main articles deeply concerned with your website theme or subject. For example, if your website is about Best Electronics and Gadgets, you must have pillar articles about super popular gadgets and essentials. And so on.



Whether you are a new blogger, a full time employee or a super entrepreneur to be. You must take action right now and start your blog. Believe me, you’ll not regret it. It will change your life as it did for me.

Happy blogging.



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