The power of words

Outatime Mission Statement

Why stating your mission is the best step to start with?

When you start a new step in your life or on your career, you need to state WHY do you do it. Why do you WILL keep doing it for the next coming months and years. Why will you SPEND time doing it. How will you MANAGE to keep yourself motivated to do it. It’s not enough to keep these ideas in your brain. You need to write them down to keep them alive and hardware. You need to look at this statement frequently and keep reviewing them from time to time to keep track of your progress over time. That is why I write the outatime mission statement.

Outatime Mission Statement

Do our best to help people get better everyday

Helping people is our first target at This is not a philanthropy or charity action. It is purely a self developing aimed target. When we have this target in front of us, it helps us getting better and shows others our value to them. Our customers feel dedicated to our work by waiting for new ideas and techniques that make their lives better in many ways. When we started keeping this target in front of us, we started to grow and we got motivated day-by-day. You can see it as a self driven life coaching. When you commit yourself to helping others, you find sudden spikes in your traffic, energy and continuous motivation.


Our strategy for helping people

So how do we help people? What areas we can provide help?

People love results and what is proven to work. People will like to see you success and even you failure stories to learn from what has worked and avoid what didn’t. This is called lead by example. And you are considered a leading learner. Here are our areas we are specialized in:

Growth and Self-help.

Technology, Green Tech, Embedded Systems and DIY.

Blogging and Making Money Online.

Those titles may seems so big to cover. You can even need a whole blog to cover each one of them individually. But the fact that we don’t make an academic guides for these topic. We only create a how-to guide and sharing what has worked for us. That’s how you’ll not find fluffy or repeated stuff on


 We believe every human is unique and so is our experience

What has worked for others might not work for us and what has worked for us might not be suitable for others. So we share our stories and experiences to show you the road and wait for you to tell us your opinions and experiences. We aim to make this blog a platform for self development and success stories.

The power of words

The power of Words

What if words could change your state?
If books could change your life?
What if something you read or hear from someone could transform your financial and emotional attitude for ever?
Wouldn’t it be great?
Change is a magnificent thing. Specially when it’s a change for better.
Fortunately it happens. Words can change people. Books do transform lives better. Speeches have always inspired millions around the world. Historic words, speeches and quotes have their effect even after long years.
That is what I am all about.

Books have changed my life. Words made me a better person. The spiral effect of great books and words gave me the gift of my life. I want to have the same effectiveness into others. You can read some words in the morning that flip your day.
When concentrating on positive words, you can live every day a wonderful life. When I started writing I did it as a passion. Writing has made me hungry for reading more. The more I read, the better I get as a writer. And here comes the spiral effect.
The surprising thing happened when I started to read my articles. I felt like having a new version of my mind. That is what I want for you.

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