PIC 18F4550 USB Interface


Today , I will introduce a new Microcontroller chip PIC 18F4550 form Microchip. Today I ‘ll learn with you all and introduce you to PIC18F4550 Microcontroller. This chip has a USB Built-in Hardware Module. This means it can be directly connected to a standard PC USB port.

Once I found out this fact and just decided to get the chip , program the firmware , build an application and post it.

I started by reading the Microcontroller Datasheet to get to know it better.

I built the programmer for it. Fortunately , my basic JDM programmer that I always used to program the old PIC16F84A Microcontroller can be used to program the PIC18F4550.

That is because Microchip PIC Microcontroller family keeps backward compatibility on Microcontroller Chips.


So I only had to add a 40 Pin socket to the programmer circuit since PIC18F4550 has 40 Pins and PIC16F84A has only 18 Pins.




I started dealing with PIC 18F4550 with an ambitious project. Microchip PIC based Arduino clone. I found about it on Arduino Clones page.



This is Pinguino. PIC Arduino Clone I built using PIC 18F4550Source



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