The power of words

Outatime Mission Statement

Why stating your mission is the best step to start with? When you start a new step in your life or on your career, you need to state WHY do you do it. Why do you WILL keep doing it for the next coming months and years. Why will you SPEND time doing it. How […]

2016 year Resolutions

Make yourself better by reviewing 2016 year resolutions

2016 year resolutions  2016 Resolutions At the end of the year, you must stop and think: What have I done and resolved in this year? It started only the last year and this one proves to be better. So I continue to make what I find better and improve it. So, here are my 2016 year […]

Here is Why you MUST Start your blog now

Here is Why you MUST Start your blog now

Do you hate your 9 to 5 job? Hate how your boss controls you? Do you want to start doing and making living from something you love? Then you must start your blog right now. Find your passion Search for your true skill and passion. Find the stuff you like to do most and like to […]