Why outatime

Why Outatime

Why did I call it ?


You may wonder, why did I call my blog that name, Outatime.Tech ? There are some reasons for this. Let me explain.


The movie

The best movie I’ve ever seen and the best movie for time travel, the trilogy Back to The Future.

I’ve learned many things from this movie since I was a little kid. I can still watch it over and over again.


The name plate of the Delorean used as the time machine was Outatime. So here comes the name.


The time : out of time

I always feel – like many other people in the world – that time is so limited so that you cannot finish what you have to do and so to do what you love to do.

You always have to go to work and make shopping and do whatever chores you have. Even when you have spare time and want to take a break, you feel that you have to take it because you don’t have any other choice. Otherwise you will get exhausted.

But when it comes to self-development and creating something useful you feel that you have so limited time. You hassle to steal some moments for yourself to get something useful out of your day.

Even the minutes you take to write some words or those moments you want to create a new project for yourself you’ve always wanted to build. You always feel you have severe shortage of time. Here comes the name Outatime


The split time: not in the normal flow of time.

I feel that those times when I have the ability to do something creative are times in which time Branches and splits out of its normal flow.

I do my best to increase that process of time Branching and get the chance to make most of my time useful and creative.


Most of successful people have used this concept of time branching. Especially if they had a full time job and wanted to have a side project for their own. They start slowly by time branching. First this time branching has just little portion of the total time. If that portion is well maintained on a timely basis, this time branching grows slowly. With continuous efforts for keeping it time paced, that growth becomes automatic.

Then at some point of time, everybody will notice how much these small time branches have made a huge difference.


I’ve done this at an early stage of my life. I thought I had no time to live my dream but I refused to let it go. Keeping time branching was not an easy thing to do. But it was source of happiness for me. I’ve always wanted to make electronic projects and feel the joy of making stuff that actually works. I’ve always wanted to write something useful describing my ideas and share them with people so that I can benefit and others can benefit too.

I’ve always felt that even my little knowledge could help someone who finds some piece of useful information. Some word of motivation that can change someone’s life to be better.

The true step to take was the decision of not letting my go of my dream. Slowly as a turtle, I kept working and learning new stuff. When I committed myself to a dream the reward came quickly. I’ve won an international design contest and had a check of $700. That led me to take my second major step to start my blog as a writer. Once again, slowly as a turtle, I kept recording my experiments and learned new stuff. Blogging on a free platform was a decision I thought to be right then, but found out that it was wrong later.

Feeling the freedom of never having to pay anything was a good feeling by then that turned out to be wrong. Although being free, the free platforms don’t get you the total freedom to learn and grow as you can.

But on the other hand, using those free platforms has helped me to keep tracking on learning and writing. It was a long way with very small steps that kept going until making the decision to go on my self-hosted website.

Now, when I stop and think about it, it wasn’t very expensive comparing success and time would have been saved for growing.

You can start your time branching too. If you have a full time job, that’s not an excuse for not starting your own business and get the chance of doing what you really love.


You know that you really want to find the thing in which your soul resonates when doing. There gotta be something that gives you the happiness of feeling creative and productive instead of being bored and reactive.

There gotta be sometime for you that you make that decision of starting to live your dream instated of living others dreams.

Go for it now. Start with a small step. Make blogging your profitable business. Turn your life to the better.


Go and get your website now. With hosting and domain name, you can get the package for small as $3.95/Month on BlueHost.


What I really can advise you is that you must take your time to choose your domain name. It IS your brand name. You must choose it carefully.



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